Thanks to our sponsor: ImmuniWeb from High-Tech Bridge

My sincere thanks to information security experts High-Tech Bridge, who sponsored my writing this week.

High-Tech Bridge is the developer of ImmuniWeb.

I’ve had my own experience with ImmuniWeb, after it successfully found a (thankfully small) vulnerability on my website, and helped me secure against it. So I’m delighted to have the experts at High-Tech Bridge supporting the site, as I can personally vouch for the quality of their service.

Here’s what they say about ImmuniWeb:

Swiss information security company, High-Tech Bridge, has developed ImmuniWeb® – the first web application penetration testing SaaS platform. ImmuniWeb combines a highly-sophisticated automated vulnerability scan with manual penetration testing performed by IT security experts that specialize in ethical hacking and computer forensics.

We guarantee zero false-positives, as the automated scanner output is verified by our penetration testing experts. But most importantly, our experts will manually check for vulnerabilities that a scanner cannot pick up.

Differently from automated scanner reports, ImmuniWeb provides a personalized action-based solution for every detected security vulnerability and weakness. By using ImmuniWeb on-demand penetration testing service – security becomes simple – as a penetration tester engagement is entirely managed online, doesn’t require technical skills and the cost is clear and fixed.

ImmuniWeb’s efficiency outperforms the competition, while its simplicity enables even non-technical people to order, schedule and manage a manual website penetration test in five minutes.

ImmuniWeb has been adopted as part of the UN International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) toolset for ensuring that the governmental websites of ITU Member States are secure, and is certified as CVE and CWE compatible.

Find out about the four ImmuniWeb packages.

For more information visit the ImmuniWeb website.

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