Why IT teams should champion AI in the workplace, and deploy secure AI tools safely to their teams

Why IT teams should champion AI in the workplace, and deploy secure AI tools safely to their teams

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AI technology is quickly finding it’s footing in the workplace. IT teams need to lead the charge on AI adoption at their companies to ensure it happens safely, securely, and successfully.

There are risks associated with AI adoption at your company. To name a few:

Shadow IT

AI adoption is happening in the workplace already. The longer this goes unchecked, the higher the risks of a full shadow IT system taking hold behind the curtains.

Data leaks

In a survey on generative AI, 46% of respondents thought corporate data may have been shared with ChatGPT. If IT was betting the safety of the AI tools your company uses, this sort of data leak can be prevented.

AI hallucinations

When they have access to incomplete information, some AI models tend to “hallucinate” by presenting incorrect facts as the truth, or referring to sources that don’t even exist. This can be a pain if you’re trying to write an educational blog article; it’s a much more serious issue when you’re writing say, a legal brief.

With AI evolving at an unprecedented rate, the risks will continue to grow in number and significance, quickly. At Glide, we believe they can be mitigated if IT departments lead the charge when it comes to deploying AI tools to their organizations.

Don’t leave your company exposed to potential AI incidents (that you’ll have to fix later.) Deploy innovation securely → Read our stance: Why IT should be the champions of AI at work.

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