GlassWire helps protect your PC & privacy by visualizing your network activity. Try it free! [Sponsor]

Many thanks to the great folks at GlassWire, who have sponsored my writing for the past week.

GlassWire helps protect your PC & privacy by visualizing your network activity. Try it free!

This week we’re sponsored by GlassWire’s new visual firewall software. Try GlassWire free!

GlassWire’s firewall management feature makes it easy to block apps from accessing the Internet but it’s actually much more than just a firewall. GlassWire is unique due to its powerful visual network monitoring capabilities. Click the GlassWire graph to see details about what apps or hosts caused a spike in network activity plus get notified any time a new app accesses the Internet. Go to GlassWire’s “Usage” tab to see what apps and hosts are using all your bandwidth.

You can also go back in time with GlassWire’s graph and see what network related changes happened while you were away from your computer. Monitor the network activity of individual apps and see what exactly they are connecting to.

GlassWire is also great for monitoring other PCs or remote servers for business or gaming. See all your server network activity in detail from your PC!

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Download GlassWire’s free version or buy the paid version with many extra features like the ability to block new connections before they happen, see who’s on your WiFi, and get a notification when an app tries to use your webcam or mic without you knowing.

Download GlassWire’s free firewall version or buy GlassWire Basic, Pro, or Elite today!

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