Thanks to our sponsor: Foursys

My sincere thanks to IT security specialists Foursys, who sponsored my writing this week.

You can download the free Foursys “Quick Start Guide to Ethical Hacking” now – including example lab tests.

The Foursys Quick Start Guide to Ethical Hacking sets out the definition, goals and processes involved in the use of ethical hacking.

Using practical examples, the guide covers the 5 key phases of hacking typically used by hackers to gain access to networks that IT Administrators all too often believe are secure.

From initial network and system reconnaissance of target networks, to scanning for possible areas of vulnerability, through gaining and maintaining access, to hiding the evidence of an attack, the Guide offers often thought-provoking insights into the techniques and secrets of malicious hackers.

With example lab tests that can be readily used by IT professionals, the “Quick Start Guide to Ethical Hacking” offers a comprehensive look at some of the methods used, helping you stay a step ahead of the hackers by understanding their mind-set. Crucially, it will also help you put the necessary measures in place to prevent them compromising your network.

Download the “Quick Start Guide to Ethical Hacking” now.

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