Does a hybrid model for vulnerability management make sense?

Does a hybrid model for vulnerability management make sense?

Many thanks to the great folks at EdgeScan, who have sponsored my writing for the past week.

Edgescan simplifies Vulnerability Management (VM) by delivering a single full-stack SaaS solution integrated with world-class security professionals.

Edgescan helps enterprise companies consolidate managing multiple point scanning tools for each layer of the attack surface – focusing on what matters.

One single dashboard

Edgescan offers automated and accurate contextualized alerts across the entire attack surface on one single dashboard.

Smart vulnerability management

A team of experienced penetration testers are available on demand to validate all results and to support your Operations team to ensure timely remediation.

When security staff professionals no longer need to track down false positives, Edgescan’s clients experience improved employee engagement and productivity. 

The folks at Edgescan have produced a white paper which looks at a new model for vulnerability management – the hybrid model.

Why would we retreat from the advances and sheer scale that automated scanning technology can deliver and burden ourselves with the slow pace of a team of humans? Should we rely on software to secure software alone? Does the hybrid model make sense?

Find out more by reading Edgescan’s white paper, “Does a hybrid model for vulnerability management make sense?”, now.

About Edgescan
Edgescan offers a unique, holistic Vulnerability Management Security as a Service (SaaS) solution. The Edgescan™ SaaS security solution manages thousands of assets across the globe for both enterprise and SME clients helping them to continuously detect, prioritise, monitor, and fix security weaknesses for Internet-facing systems, such as web applications, websites, mobile apps, servers, firewalls, VPNs or VoIP services. Due to analyst validation of all discovered vulnerabilities, the solution is highly accurate and virtually false positive free.

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