[SPONSOR] activereach’s free guide to DDoS attacks and mitigation

My sincere thanks to DDoS mitigation and testing specialists activereach, who have sponsored my writing for the last four weeks. Thanks guys!

Receive part one of activereach’s free “Guide to DDoS and mitigation 2015” now and also receive “Assessing the risk to business of DDoS attacks” and “Aspects of DDoS mitigation testing” free over the next few weeks.

In part one of the guide to DDoS and mitigation, Max Pritchard of activereach looks at the history of distributed denial-of-service attacks, describes the way DDoS attacks are categorised and examines the mitigation techniques and solutions that are being employed by companies today.

The guide describes some dangerous assumptions that business might make about the ability for firewalls, load-balancers and other devices to mitigate certain attacks and the limitations of adopting solely cloud-based protection in a world of secure online transactions and frequent “low and slow”, rather than “big flood” DDoS techniques.

This introduction to the threat of DDoS and the current state of mitigation technologies creates a foundation for discussion of how companies can assess the risks associated with DDoS attacks. It will help people to evaluate the various solutions that business may adopt, and how to test the effectiveness of their solution to make sure a business can continue trading using public cloud applications.

Receive part one of activereach’s free “Guide to DDoS and mitigation 2015” now.

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