Build a culture of security security and productivity in your business with 1Password

Build a culture of security security and productivity in your business with 1Password

Many thanks to the great folks at 1Password, who have sponsored my writing for the past week.

The shift to remote and hybrid work has created an ecosystem of new vulnerabilities, putting your critical data at risk. With less oversight into security protocols and employee behaviors, it’s more important than ever to help your team make smart security choices.

At the same time, cyber threats are evolving and multiplying. Losses from cybercrime, like data breaches, rose six-fold in 2020, with more than 37 billion records compromised. With the average data breach costing upwards of $4 million, and the risk of damage to consumer trust – there’s a lot at stake. 1Password’s new guide outlines how to prepare, launch, roll-out, and reinforce a culture of security.

Help protect both your company and its customers by encouraging mindful habits across your company. The first step is to choose the right password manager – 1Password is an important tool to encourage better password habits among employees, and protect infrastructure secrets company wide. Find that sweet spot of productivity and security for your employees by giving them the tools they need to succeed.

Download 1Password’s creating a culture of security guide to start building a security culture that extends beyond the office walls. Empower your employees to make secure decisions wherever they are, however they’re working – and close the security gaps that are leaving you, and your information, vulnerable.

If you’re looking for more advice on strengthening your business security, you can sign up for 1Password’s free Security Summer School today. Learn from security experts at top organizations, hear about new security and technology trends, and get quick tips for building a culture of security at work and at home – all in four free webinars.

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