We all have a natural human tendency to trust… Be prepared! Download VASCO’s “Social Engineering” eBook

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Social engineering is certainly not a new problem, but it’s a persistent one that continues to grow, and with seemingly no end in sight.

Social engineering preys on a natural human tendency to trust. Hackers are expert at manipulating the human factor and exploiting trust to steal valuable information. They accomplish this by convincing their victims to divulge confidential information or participate unknowingly in fraudulent transactions.

While most financial institutions have taken significant steps to combat social engineering through user education and additional controls for their customers, they still find themselves struggling to identify new attack methods and mitigate the damage.

Traditional phishing schemes are increasing in frequency and more targeted spear phishing attacks are as well. As customers migrate to additional channels, hackers are following them with threats such as voice phishing (Vishing) and SMS phishing (SMishing).

Education and enhanced security are the best defenses against hackers and social engineering attacks. To arm you for the battle, download VASCO’s “Social Engineering” eBook and you’ll discover:

  • The latest social engineering attack methods
  • The transaction authorization weaknesses
  • How to minimize the risk of social engineering attacks
  • Industry best practices and use cases

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