Reviews of Wibbling Wilf

Wibbling Wilf
Review by Andrew J Wielochowski, Syntax


Addicted-> Andrew J Wielochowski

“Poor Wilf has fallen through a freak wormhole in the space-time continuum. Armed only with his leaky jam sandwich he must try to defeat the evil Glumphs.

As Wilf wibbles around the screen he drops jam everywhere. As luck should have it, the one thing Glumphs really can’t stand is… JAM!

Boy! Do they get mean when they’re angry..”

Or so the introduction to Graham Cluley’s game Wilf goes.

As you can work out, you play Wilf armed with a jam sandwich (what flavour?) go forth to defeat the evil Glumphs. The Glumphs have a secret weapon called Frank who has cunningly been disguised as a boiled sweet. This guy quite happily gobbles up all your jam and you can’t do shake a nasal probe at it.

Wilf is like a PACMAN man game except you lay the jam and their boiled sweet gobbles it up. You are armed with Pompoms to knock the evil doers out of it for a short time (except Frank). You must completed the randomly chosen mazes by filling up blank areas with jam. Wilf sounds rather boring, but it’s not. Wilf is an amazingly addictive game with some interesting PC speaker music and some strange Soundblaster music consisting of “Golbblewob”, “Sqqqquwek” and “Ahahaha.” Wilf is rather humorous but is far too addictive as I have found. The mazes are relatively simple in the game. You collect pompoms and fill in blank spaces with jam. You receive 5 points for every blank space filled with the jam from Wilf’s leaky sandwich.

Wilf has the option of processor speed so you can run Wilf comfortable on your computer. I have tried Wilf on a 386 33Mz, 486, Pentium. For it to run reasonably on a 486 or higher you need the game set on fastest processor speed AND you have to play through windows.

One clear advantage about registering Wilf is that you receive a level editor which would make the game more fun.

Enjoyment – 10/10
Difficulty – 5/10
Sounds – 7/10
Action – 3/10
Humour – 9/10
Addictive – 12/10
OVERALL – 9/10


Andrew J Wielochowski