The hidden danger to zero trust: Excessive cloud permissions

The hidden danger to zero trust: Excessive cloud permissions

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What is one of the leading causes of breaches in the cloud?

OMG, it’s still phishing! It’s no wonder CISOs push zero trust as a top priority. Identities are a top cloud target.

However, the reality is, least privilege access rights are still not properly enforced. As a matter of fact, in the recent Sysdig 2023 Cloud-Native Security and Usage report found that 90% of granted permissions are not used, making it a lot easier to move laterally and take the keys to the kingdom once they get in.

The report also found that non-admin users only utilized 10% of granted permissions over a 90-day window. DevOps teams tend to grant more permissions – for both humans and non humans – than needed, increasing the risk of attack.

Excessive cloud permissions erode zero trust efforts and open your organization to further breach. Read more key takeaways from Sysdig’s report.

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  • 90% of accounts have excessive permissions

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