Does your MFA solution secure access to your on-premise apps as well as those in the cloud?

Does your MFA solution secure access to your on-premise apps as well as those in the cloud?

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We are often approached by organisations that depend on on-premise applications and data storage, who are looking for a multi-factor authentication solution, but are unable to move to a cloud-based solution for authentication. Government organisations, for example, need strict control over their data. Mission-critical utility companies cannot tolerate even an hour of downtime. For businesses that are pursuing a gradual approach to cloud migration, on-premise is either the only option or part of a hybrid on-premise/cloud approach.

The challenge facing plenty of these businesses is that many of the MFA solutions available today are cloud-based software-as-a-service – with the security and data control risks this poses and do not offer an on-premise only option.

By “on-premise” we are specifically looking at applications that are housed within the physical confines of an organisation in a data centre on a server or private cloud, rather than being remotely hosted on servers or in the public cloud.

MFA is crucial wherever your data is held, but how can you ensure you have a solution fit for on-premise, cloud and different business scenarios and personas?

In our free E-guide you can learn more about:

  • MFA solutions suitable for on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments
  • Meeting the needs of different users, departments and regions
  • How to ensure your MFA is truly on-premise and future-proofed
  • The full range of different authentication methods at your disposal to address different use cases
  • Key considerations when implementing an on-premise MFA solution

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