Keep your sensitive data secure by using Encrypted Forms 2.0 from Jotform

Keep your sensitive data secure by using Encrypted Forms 2.0 from Jotform

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What is form encryption, and why is it important?

Whether you’re a pro with forms or just a newbie, it might be helpful to get an understanding of form encryption and why E2EE is important when it comes to protecting your information.

Put simply, an encrypted form is one where the user’s responses are transferred and stored in an encrypted format. They are encrypted in the web browser of the person filling out the form and can’t be viewed by anyone else at any time (unless they have the encryption key or password).

With end-to-end encryption — the technique used by Jotform — data is encrypted on the sender’s device and decrypted on the recipient’s device, so no-one – not even Jotform – has access can see your form submissions.

Generally speaking, encryption helps protect sensitive data such as passwords, personally identifiable information (PII), credit card or banking information, and more.

With the next-level end-to-end encryption protection provided by Encrypted Forms 2.0 from Jotform, you can be confident that your your submissions will always be secure with your access code.

Try Jotform Encrypted Forms 2.0 now for free right now.

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