Comprehensive risk-based API protection with AppTrana

Comprehensive risk-based API protection with AppTrana

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It is hard to imagine an application without APIs (Application Programming Interface). For the past few years, APIs have become core foundational for the success of businesses. Hence, there is no surprise that API adoption continues to rise and, in turn, has security risks against the API landscape. Web APIs are not the same as web applications, and the attacks against APIs are becoming sophisticated, often evading traditional security methods which solely depend on signature-based protection and pre-build static rules.

As a result, API security is often applied inconsistently, leaving you vulnerable to frequent API attacks. AppTrana’s API Protection ensures a comprehensive risk-based security solution to the complex challenge of API security.

AppTrana is known for its risk-based, fully managed application security. The risk-based approach, combined with its drive to make AppSec as simple as possible, has propelled customer adoption, with AppTrana being rated as the customers’ choice in all the segments of Gartner’s Voice of Customer Report 2022.

In the quest to extend similar services to APIs, Indusface has released its new module, API Protection in AppTrana. With this, you will get:

  • Automated inspection of API requests to block malicious traffic based on device fingerprinting and behavior-based protection
  • Prevent data insertion and extraction through a positive security model, API-specific rules, and API-specific BOT and DDoS mitigation policies
  • Automatic discovery of new and shadow API endpoints
  • Comprehensive coverage of API-specific vulnerabilities, including OWASP Top 10 API threats with unlimited Automated API Scanning backed with manual pen-testing for detecting business logic vulnerabilities

On top of the fully managed application security already provided by AppTrana, this unique solution also offers a unified view of API activity, including shadow and undocumented API access for centralized monitoring. It also generates actional data and detailed reports for use in future investigations, should one be required.

With a highly scalable infrastructure to block large DDoS attacks, AppTrana offers protection against the largest attack possible and ensures your APIs never slow down.

Improve your API Security across a broad and fragmented attack surface with AppTrana!

Click here to find out more about AppTrana’s API Protection!

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