Simplify your security with Forcepoint ONE

Forcepoint ONE Simplifies Your Security

Graham Cluley Security News is sponsored this week by the folks at Forcepoint. Thanks to the great team there for their support!

Remember the days when you thought an antivirus was all you needed to stay safe?

Of course, cybersecurity has never truly been that simple. As cyberthreats and business operations have grown more complex, the security controls needed to combat them have too.

The typical company now uses over fifty security products. Whether it’s SIEM, DLP, ATP, or NGFW, analysts are all too familiar with the litany of acronyms and laundry list of vendors they rely on daily.

Lately, however, the cracks have begun to show.

Solutions don’t integrate with one another. Reporting and analysis isn’t centralized. Teams lack skill sets and budget. User productivity suffers from a friction-filled process. Security policies don’t follow users to the new perimeter – unmanaged devices and the ‘work from anywhere’ culture.

Which is why Forcepoint is simplifying security.

Forcepoint ONE is a unified security platform that delivers integrated, cloud native Zero Trust Edge security services, without the headache of managing individual point products. It eliminates the complexity involved in securing the hybrid workforce and the business-critical data users need to interact with by consolidating security controls within one solution.

With Forcepoint ONE, companies get:

  • Unified gateways for web, cloud, and private application access with a single set of policies across Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).
  • Agentless BYOD security for cloud and private applications to empower employee productivity from any device, while keeping data secure.
  • Integrated advanced threat protection and data security to defend against malware and to prevent data exfiltration.
  • Elastic scalability with global access via 300 Points of Presence running on Amazon Web Services.

The way we work is changing. Shouldn’t security change with it?

Learn more about the platform and book your demo of Forcepoint ONE today.

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