How secrets (mis)management is the next big cybersecurity threat – download the 1Password report

How secrets (mis)management is the next big cybersecurity threat – download the 1Password report

Graham Cluley Security News is sponsored this week by the folks at 1Password. Thanks to the great team there for their support!

Infrastructure secrets are a major security liability for today’s businesses. Learn the scope and complexity of the secrets management problem with 1Password’s free research report.

Growing complexities have turned secrets management into a daily stress and productivity drain. This stress can naturally lead to mismanagement of secrets, as well as larger issues with work quality and morale. Poor habits that form along the way put these secrets – and by extension, the company – at risk.

We call them “secrets” for a reason. But workers (and leaders, for that matter) are not protecting them like secrets:

  • 52% of workers say that digital transformation has made managing secrets more difficult
  • 80% of IT/DevOps organizations admit to not managing their secrets well
  • 60% of IT/DevOps organizations have experienced secrets leakage

The right tool, along with improved education and awareness, can make the secure way to work also the easiest way. Share 1Password’s valuable insights with your team and evaluate your own secrets management practices.

Download the full report to read 1Password’s complete findings and learn why secrets (mis)management could be putting your company data at risk and how to stop it.

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