Three wireless security myths – busted! [VIDEO]

Learn the truth about WiFi security’s biggest myths. Everyone who runs a WiFi hotspot at home or in the office should watch this.

Patch your computers now – Microsoft and Adobe roll out critical security fixes for widely used software

Critical security fixes have been issued for Adobe and Microsoft software – including protection against zero-day flaws in Internet Explorer.

Make sure you protect your systems as soon as possible.

Hackers threaten revenge if LulzSec hackers are given stiff sentences today

Hackers are threatening to wreak revenge on the authorities if members of the LulzSec gang receive tough sentences in a London courtroom today.

Doctor Who "Name of the Doctor" finale may have leaked early, but you really shouldn’t download it

Doctor Who’s season finale, “The Name of the Doctor”, has accidentally fallen into the hands of fans in the United States.

But downloading a torrent of the as-yet unbroadcast episode may not be the wisest move.

Patch Tuesday promises a critical fix for Internet Explorer 8 – and not a moment too soon

Patch Tuesday approaches, and it looks like Microsoft will be fixing a zero-day flaw in Internet Explorer that criminals have been exploiting.

Microsoft issues emergency Fix-It tool for IE 8 zero-day vulnerability being exploited in the wild

If you’re an Internet Explorer 8 user, you might want to protect your browser with this tool now – before it’s too late.

The Onion is Twitter hacked by Syrian Electronic Army. Hardly anyone notices

The Syrian Electronic Army has hijacked The Onion’s Twitter account, posting bogus news stories amongst the bogus news stories.

Syrian Electronic Army hack E! Online Twitter account, post that Justin Bieber is gay

The Syrian Electronic Army posts fake stories about Angelina Jolie and Justin Bieber from E! Online’s Twitter account

John C Dvorak’s website has been hacked, visiting computers are hit with malware

It looks like American technology pundit John C Dvorak has suffered some security problems.

Malware strikes the website, although he’s in denial…

"How do I see who has been looking at my Facebook profile?"

Time and time again we have seen *thousands* of innocent Facebook users be tricked into making bad security decisions, simply by being promised the ability to discover who has been reading their Facebook profile.

Chinese "spy" steals NASA laptop. No secrets on hard drive. Only porn

A Chinese research scientist, suspected of spying on NASA, was pulled off a plane by the FBI as it prepared to take off back to his home country.

But when investigators examined a NASA laptop in Bo Jiang’s possession they found no evidence of confidential data stolen from the administration. Instead, they found pirated movies and pornography.

Twitter warns media outlets of hacking threat

Clearly stirred into action by a spate of high profile hacks against accounts on its network, Twitter has taken the unusual step of reaching out to news and media organisations to warn them about the current attacks, and to take defensive measures.

Selling a ship to North Korea? You might want to check you’ve wiped its data first

When Japan sold a decommissioned coast guard vessel to a pro-North Korea organisation, you might imagine that it would check that any data on its navigation system would be wiped beforehand.

Oh dear…

Twitter should have two factor authentication. Just ask AP and Dow Jones

A fake tweet from the hacked Associated Press Twitter account sends the Dow Jones (briefly) into a tumble.

Suspected Mariposa botnet mastermind is denied bail

The man believed to have created the Mariposa botnet which compromised millions of computers across the globe, has been denied bail.

Syrian hackers hijack FIFA Twitter accounts

Hackers operating under the banner of the “Syrian Electronic Army” have once again hijacked high profile Twitter accounts.

This time it was the official accounts of the FIFA World Cup and FIFA President Sepp Blatter who fell foul of the hackers.